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    The next Association luncheon will take place at the Moose Lodge in Front Royal, VA on April 24, 2024, at 12:00pm. Come on out for some food and fellowship. Hope to see you there.

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  • 2023 MDA Fill the Boot
    Updated On: Oct 24, 2023
    2023 Fill The Boot
    It's always difficult to begin our campaign on a Thursday, but C-shift started us off well!
    Kudos to the top three collectors for the day:
    FS27/C - $4,682.00
    FS15/C - $3,577.00
    FS08/C - $3,001.50
    The top three collecting stations per capita were:
    FS27/C - $780.33 per person
    FS15/C - $596.21 per person
    FS04/C - $284.04 per person
    Thanks very much to C-shift and enjoy your well-deserved break!
    Can A-shift top C-shift?  Stay tuned!

    Joel Kobersteen

    Fairfax County Fill the Boot - Day 2
    A-shift took the challenge on their first day of collection and came strong. They topped C-shift by $14,702.29 and collected $50,498.88 for the day!
    Today's top collectors were:
    - FS25 - $4,576.74
    - FS29 - $4,055.00
    - FS14 - $3,824.00
    Top per capitas for the day:
    - FS25 - $457.67 per person
    - FS29 - $405.50 per person
    - FS14 - $382.40 per person
    Great work A-shift!
    B-shift... ARE... YOU... READY???
    PS: I see you out there PIO402 and DPSC A-Nights!

    Fill the Boot - Day 3
    A-shift said it couldn't be done... but B-shift did it. They took a beautiful day and made the most of it by collecting a 2023 record of $57,294.79.
    Top three collectors for today:
    FS01 - $5,752.00
    FS40 - $4,229.23
    FS38 - $3,421.66
    Top three collectors per capita for today:
    FS01 - $575,20 per person
    FS37 - $486.94 per person
    FS15 - $383.33 per person
    As a reminder, please call the local office at 703-591-9271 when you are finished collecting and counting for the day and let us know the amount. All money will be picked up in the evening with Law Enforcement support.
    Only one day to go! A-shift, let's finish the campaign off strong... the more we collect, the more programs, services, research and kids that can go to camp!
    Let's, once again, show the world what Fairfax County Public Safety can do!
    Another Fill the Boot campaign is officially in the books. Later this week, after all the checks have cleared and the last penny is counted by the bank, I will send out a final e-mail about the campaign.
    Suffice to say, it was a very good job by all who participated.
    Thanks very much for a solid (and HOT) finish from A-shift..
    Top collecting stations for the day:
    - FS05/A: $3,761.61
    - FS40/A: $3,679.40
    - FS14/A: $3,575.64
    Top collecting stations per capita for the day:
    - FS05/A: $376.16 per person
    - FS28/A: $363.47 per person
    - FS14/A: 357.56 per person
    The final total was $37,309,07 for the day, and, thanks for DPSC A-Nights, DPSC B-Days, PIO402, the boot in the local office and the still open online boot, the current total for the campaign is $186,777.30.
    Please keep all Fill the Boot material that is in good shape at your station until next year. By reusing materials, we are helping keep the money going where we all want it to... research, programs and services for those with neuromuscular disease.
    Thanks very much... more soon...

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